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Aiwa Labs is how we give our best and most involved customers a voice in the product development process. We have different ways to interact at every stage of the process - A Facebook group, surveys, interviews, and more. 





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Concept Level

Alpha stage

These are still just ideas, sketches, or renderings.

We will collect your feedback in the form of surveys on or interviews about the concept. Rewards will be credits toward future purchases, or priority for future Alpha or Gamma products.


Prototype Level

The very earliest versions of products, usually handmade and often one-of-a-kind. 

We use them to test audio performance, ergonomics, and basic functionality.

Generally these are only tested by Aiwa or industry professionals. After testing we occasionally offer the prototypes to customers as collectibles. 

Alpha Level

Alpha products are pre-production samples, usually numbering from 20-100 pieces.

Fit & finish, packaging, and even some major features are not done yet - there are going to be some rough edges. 

Alpha testers spend a few days intensively testing the sample, then give us detailed feedback to make sure we've made the right assumptions on sound, ergonomics, firmware features, compatibility, etc.

We only have a few samples so, Alpha testers need to apply for consideration.

Gamma Level

Gamma-level products are close to production-ready.  They may have more defects than true production units, and firmware may have more bugs. Typically we'll release 100-1000 units on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

We sell Gamma products at retail price, with a big rebate once you submit your testing report.  We also stand behind the product with a full warranty, and offer a no-questions return policy for 1-year or more.

Gamma testers help us iron out the final firmware bugs, review packaging and documentation, and give overall impressions of the product itself.

Production Level

Production products are final - or are they?  The Engineering Change Program tests production level changes we make along the way. And even beyond that, we're always interested in your feedback for future changes or entirely new products.  Share reviews on the Aiwa Labs facebook page, or log bugs or enhancement ideas at

How do "Aiwa Labs" Credits Work?

Aiwa Labs Credits are monetary credits that can be used on future Aiwa labs product purchases. This includes new products, as well as engineering change batches of existing products.  If you hold a labs credit, you will be notified each time there's an offer to use them.  Aiwa labs credits are yours to keep even if you return the product.

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